we are able to turn our ideas into works of art.

“ANQARD” company started its business in 2010. The purpose in establishment of our enterprise is to produce products which are noticeable for its affordable price and high quality. The plant covers area of 4000 m2.

Our product are flame-proof, harmless to human health, antibacterial, cold-heat and sound isolative, lightweight (it means don’t load the construction of building), seismically elastic, give decorative beauty to construction. The surface of the product is reinforced with granite dust and made of isolation featured high-density EPS material. EPS – (Expanded Polystyrene Foam) is a white thermoplastic material in form of rigid foam.
“ANQARD” company is a leader with its high quality and affordably priced products in this sphere. “ANQARD” company, which considers customer satisfaction as priority, offers its clients special discounts and special privileges.
We think that the created relationships represent the value of each project we have worked for you. Our quality, experience, competence and hardworking features which are based on the values that we prefer to commitment of projects also enhance the architectural beauty, economic efficiency, and material value of projects.

OUR Services


As you know, the beginning of each construction, future appearance, convenience, functionality, etc. such indicators should only be considered in design stage. At this stage sometimes it is impossible to fix overlooked requests, if possible, it will be more expensive. This denotes importance of designing stage. Our cooperation at this stage protects you from extra expense and us from time loss.


Our company has a professional architect and designer team which present you choise of designs that will suit your request and wishes. We have a specific style of ending with customer satisfaction, ideas and formed long years competence. You will not regret when you contact us for interior, facade, lighting and landscape designs. After completing the latest achievements of VR technologies in our business you can see virtually designed buildings.


This is a stage which implements all the dreams and desire, thoughts, words and design photos. Each jobs by our certified working group and managers is carried out in control of safety and quality. Goods and materials used in construction are not allowed to use without certificate and revive of internal laboratory. Our partnership companies, customers and clients of our projects are satisfied with the construction work they are carrying, and have a long-term relationship with our company.

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